The project in brief

bRAIN stands for: explainable and Robust AI for integration in next generation Networked systems. The project will contribute to the 6G vision of a native Artificial Intelligence (AI) network by addressing two main roadblocks.

On the one hand, existing AI models employed for network management are black boxes, and their complete lack of transparency is a clear barrier for adoption: here, bRAIN aims at proposing new AI tools for network management that are explainable and trustworthy by design and specifications on robustness that allow to benchmark existing AI models.

On the other hand, the disruptive softwarization of the network architecture has opened new opportunities for a deep integration of AI into the future 6G infrastructure that have yet to be explored: here, bRAIN will investigate novel approaches for the design, implementation and evaluation of in-band network intelligence, i.e., AI models that run directly into the user-plane programmable switches, operating at line rate over the transiting data traffic, and laying the foundations to a truly AI-native 6G network.

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